Safety + Fitness wrapped intelligently on your wrist.

Crafted perfectly for a safer you.

With three smart safety modes.

Rizlet has been crafted with care to combine fashion and function. Our device offers several features including a panic button, a silent alarm, a flash light/strobe light, the ability to text emergency contacts, and more, in the most elegant design that fits right into your everyday style.

Panic Mode

Your very own virtual bodyguard.

The emergency mode helps you to deter the offender by switching on the alarm and the strobe light. When switched on, it calls 911, notifies your emergency contacts, sends your current location and switches on the light and the piezo buzzers with the potential to make the most ear-piercing sound that travels upto 13 meters - all done with just three rapid taps on the watch.

Hover the cursor over the dial below,
experience what awaits...

Silent Mode

Staying quiet and hidden.

The silent mode helps you when you don’t want the attacker to know your place of hiding. When switched on, it calls 911, notifies your emergency contacts and sends them your current location.

Countdown Mode

Intuition with technology.

The countdown makes sure to keep you safe when you sense something might happen in the near future. It shares your location with your contacts to keep them informed. In case the mode is not turned off, it automatically escalates to the panic mode to raise an alarm.

Track Me Mode

Keeping you safe as you move.

Travelling late at night? Ask your contacts to virtually follow you home with Rizlet’s app live GPS tracking. They will be able to see you live via the map on their mobile. Once you have arrived home safely, you can turn off the mode and your contacts will be notified.

Designed for a fitter you.

Made to get you going.

Somewhere between the morning jogs and the daily rush, we lose track of our everyday fitness goals. Rizlet helps you monitor your activity levels, tracks distance, calculate the calories burned and get goals with just a simple tap.


Rizlet keeps track of every step that you take during the day and gives you real time data and analysis of your progress.


Rizlet helps you keep track of how many calories you’ve burnt and compares it with your milestones. The data can positively influence your diet.


Track your distance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and stay motivated with a graph of how you’re improving over time.


Create your own goals and keep setting the bar higher for self-motivation. A coach on your wrist and right inside your pocket.