Putting it together...

Made with the best.

Shining jewel, inside out.

Rizlet is the most conscious evolution in the domain of safety. It is a result of two years of research and a genius combination of design and technology to create an experience that works seamlessly. Each element has been carefully selected, refined and put together to bring absolute efficiency. A piece to keep!

Perfectly crafted.

Inspired by the stealth aesthetic. Sharp, Clean, Edgy, Minimal

Blazingly bright

The best in class flashlight, to give an exceptionally vivid bright light.

Shrill and alarming

The smallest piezo buzzers with the potential to make the most ear-piercing sound that travels upto 13 meters.

Technical Specifications


ABS + PC + PC Glass


Black aluminium
Rose Gold aluminium


Baby pink silicon
Black chain metal


45 x 34 x 13.5 / 1.77 x 1.338 x 0.53


With Strap - 34 gms/1.2 Ounces
Without Strap - 18 gms/0.64 Ounces

Battery life

4 days without any mode activation.
4-5 minutes in Panic Mode


TI Bluetooth Low Energy CC2640


3-axis gyroscope 2C 3-axis accelerometer


Capacitive Touch button
Capacitive touch below the screen: to switch on the display and change the screens.


Monochrome OLED display module with 96×32 dot matrix. Wide viewing angle and low power consumption for extra brightness.

General Guidelines

Periodic Check

Rizlet watches are designed to provide reliable and un-interrupted service. However, to replace the battery, you must visit an authorized service center or call the customer care for help. Rizlet watches need to be serviced once in a year.

Water Resistance

Rizlet is a non-water-resistance wearable, you must not get it in contact (partially/fully) with water. The device should be wiped carefully and gently with a soft dry cloth. If the device still doesn’t function properly, you must take it to the service center.

Cleaning and Polishing

Use only a soft damp cloth to polish the display or bezel. A soft brush could be used too in case of dust accumulation around the bezel.


When you take off the watch, always keep it in a well-ventilated spot. Never put it in a sealed container.


Must stay in a normal temperature range. Not as low as 5 degree or as high as +50 degree.


You must protect your watch from rain as much as possible. In case of any contact, do wipe it dry as soon as possible.


Avoid placing your Rizlet near gadgets/objects containing magnets. It might affect the internal components placement and functioning.


Any contact of the chemicals with the device/strap might cause discoloration.


The leather/silicon strap must be loosened during summer. In case of any sweat collection, the strap must be cleaned/wiped with a soft cloth.