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How do I know that my Rizlet is connected to the app or not?

You will always see a white small circle on your display when the device is connected.

What if my Bluetooth goes off?

You will lose the connection with the device. Your Bluetooth must always remain on for the device to be able to function properly.

There are 4 different modes in the app and the device. How will I remember the steps?

There is a drill mode in the app just to ensure that you remember the steps in case of any situation. You will be reminded, to take the drill, by the app and you will be good to go in any emergency situation.

What if my phone is switched off?

In case the phone of the user is not connected to the device, only the panic alarm will be functional. The messages will not go through.

What if I don’t buy the paid app package after 3 months?

Your wearable will still function the same but your app will no longer send an alert to 911. It is highly recommended to upgrade your pack after 3 months.

How do I turn off my Rizlet device?

As Rizlet is a safety device, it is advisable to keep the device on at all times. In case there occurs a need to reset the device, you can press and hold the left side silent button for a minimum of 5-7 seconds to do the same.

Can I switch off the panic mode through the device?

To ensure complete safety, keeping in mind the kind of situations a user could be in, we have not provided an option to turn off the alarm through the device. It can be done only through the Rizlet app.